Iwata Smart Jet IS-850 Airbrush Compressor

Iwata Smart Jet IS-850 Airbrush Compressor
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Product Description

Iwata Smart Jet IS-850 Airbrush Compressor
Iwata Smart Jet Compressor
Model: IS-850

If ever there were such a thing as a classic airbrush compressor this is it! This compressor is designed perfectly for those airbrush artists painting small projects. With a double hosed cooling system, moisture trap, gauge, regulator and adapters included the folks at Iwata have really thought of everything with this one!

The Iwata IS-850 Smart Jet Compressor features Iwata's "Smart Technology" which means automatic shut-off. Automatic shut-off refers to the fact that the compressor is on when it needs to build pressure then automatically shuts off when the pressure needs are met or when not in use. This feature contributes to a longer life-time of the compressor, less noise for the user and a good consistent flow of air.

This compressor is especially interesting to artists concerned about moisture. Not only does it include a high quality full size moisture trap, the two hose system also significantly reduces the threat of water. The coiled air hose between the compressor body and the moisture trap acts as an extra buffer between the compressor and the airbrush.

The compact, reliable and quiet Smart Jet compressor is suitable for artists doing general airbrush applications including hobbies, make-up, nail art, small automotive projects, fishing lures etc.

-Maximum Pressure: 40PSI (Operating Pressure: 0-35PSI)
-Air Flow @ 20PSI: .64CFM
-Horsepower: 1/8 HP
-Noise Level: 50 db
-Hours of Service: 5,000
-Weight: 8.4 lbs.
-Size: 10 x 7 x 6 in. (25 x 18 x 16 cm)
-12 month manufacture warranty.

Automatic Shut-Off
Zero-maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
Built-in airbrush holder
Extra hose for enhanced moisture separation
Moisture filter also prevents pulsation
Mounted air pressure gauge
Bleed valve airflow adjustment to lower air pressure
High-strength polyurethane hose fits Iwata airbrushes
On/off switch

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