Tiki Master II Stencils by Dennis Mathewson

Tiki Master II Stencils by Dennis Mathewson
"It gives me great pleasure in sharing some of Hawaii’s culture with other artists on around the globe. The tiki culture has definitely resurfaced since it’s last rage in the 60’s surfer-crazed era. The earliest origins of Polynesian tiki carving date back thousands of years ago to the islands of New Zealand, Samoa and Tahiti, to name a few, before the Hawaiian tikis came into existence. The Hawaiian style of tiki carving was originally performed by high ranking (alii) tribesmen from each of the Hawaiian Islands. All tikis were considered sacred, and were used in special ceremonies and temples. Very few original ancient tikis remain today and can be appreciated in museums, not only in Hawaii, but in other destinations as well.

In this Artool® Tiki Master II Series, not only do you get some great new tiki designs to work with, but you will also enjoy additional special images of Hawaii - like lei flowers and some lovely poses of hula maidens. What would paradise be without hula girls and flowers? Give your artwork a tropical twist, guaranteed to put you into the spirit of aloha!"

-Dennis Mathewson

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Tropic Tribal, Artool Stencil FH-TM8 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Hula Spirit, Artool Stencil FH-TM9 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Two Face Tiki, Artool Stencil FH-TM10 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Tiki Joe, Artool Stencil FH-TM11 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Freaky Tikis, Artool Stencil FH-TM12 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Leilani, Artool Stencil FH-TM13 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Tiki Master II, Artool Stencils FH-TM14 by Dennis Mathewson - All 6!!!$158.25$118.69
Tiki Master II Mini Series FH TM14 MS - Set of 6 Stencils$46.75$35.06

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