Tiki Master Stencils by Dennis Mathewson

Tiki Master Stencils by Dennis Mathewson
Dennis Mathewson, of Honolulu, is an avid tiki carver. When he’s not airbrushing, pinstriping or writing articles for various publications, he’s traveling and instructing at kustom painting workshops. Dennis’ love for tikis is shown here and shared with you in his latest creation, the Tiki Master Freehand Airbrush Template Series from Artool®.

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Tribal Tiki, Artool Stencil FH-TM1 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Kona Tiki, Artool Stencil FH-TM2 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Tiki Trouble, Artool Stencil FH-TM3 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Tiki Bar, Artool Stencil FH-TM4 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Totem Tiki, Artool Stencil FH-TM5 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Aloha Spirit, Artool Stencil FH-TM6 by Dennis Mathewson$28.00$21.00
Tiki Master Artool Stencils FH-TM7 by Dennis Mathewson - All Six!!$158.25$118.69
Artool Tiki Master Mini Series FHTM7MS$46.75$35.06

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