Artool True Fire 2 - Set of 6 Templates by Mike Lavallee

Artool True Fire 2 - Set of 6 Templates by Mike Lavallee
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“I’ve turned up the heat on TRUE FIRE® with 2ND DEGREE BURN™! I took the shapes I used most often from the first ARTOOL® TRUE FIRE® Set, and expanded on the hottest configurations. With 2ND DEGREE BURN™! you can add some fiery new dimensions to your own inferno. With an art knife simply cut the tiny connecting tabs next to arrows on each TRUE FIRE 2®template to release the 21 positive/negative shapes. Now you’re ready to burn!”

Mike Lavallee has been setting the kustom painting world on fire with his TRUE FIRE® effects. Mike has created and perfected the technique for rendering dramatic realistic interpretations of fire burning down the surfaces of motorcycles, automobiles, boats and aircraft. His combination of layering candy colors, and his use of the Artool® TRUE FIRE 2® Freehand® Airbrush Templates are HOTTER THAN EVER!!!

Since his appearances on “Monster Garage®, Mike Lavallee and his Killer Paint Airbrush Studio, have been honored to participate in The Learning Channel’s® wildly popular “Overhaulin’®” and “Rides®” television programs. Mike credits these programs for helping to spread the word of his TRUE FIRE® effects and techniques. With over 25 years of experience as an accomplished artist, Mike has touched many lives, spread many smiles, inspired awe and lived life to the fullest!

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